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Adult Classes

Learn more about the German language and lifestyle. We teach German for adults on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30, with each class meeting for 15 weeks.

The cost is $475.00 for the 30 hours, and we always enjoy  a little social time with our popular "Kaffeepause".

Presently we have only Intermediate and Advanced levels.  However, Beginner levels are available if we get enough interested students who want to participate.  

Students may join in at a pro-rated rate during the semester.  This cannot not apply to beginners unless they have had some learning experience before.

Private sessions are also available but there must be a pre-paid commitment of at least 10 sessions at $40.00 and hour to be paid at start.

In the Intermediate Class one must have a working German language knowledge, but needs more of an emphasis on Grammar, with conversation.

The Advanced Class caters to those who can converse comfortably, but are in need of some grammar and speaking support.  Reading and discussion is the primary activity on this level.

Each class semester is determined by the students, as to what areas are most needed.  Thus each class curriculum is determined by the students together with their teacher for the class.

Our teachers are native and accredited, and they will give each student special attention in areas where needed.

Often parents of the children who meet in the afternoon, also take the course in the Adult sessions. 

We also do cultural and social events, such as marching at the annual von Steuben Parade in September with the Gala the night before, and the Oktoberfest in Central Park after the Parade, as well as the Bavarian Festival in June.