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Childrens Classes

Children's Classes

Children can learn the German language in our Kids' classes which take place from 4PM to 5PM, 5PM to 6PM and 6PM to 7PM, depending on the child’s level.

Our levels cover from toddlers to teens, where sometimes a teenager would come into the Adult Class. 

We find that the children who come after school are already equipped with lessons and homework, so we offer a more relaxing atmosphere with no pressure.  Often lessons are conducted via learning tool games, which the kids look forward to after school.  Upper level students will get more concentrated grammar with light homework. Toddlers learn via interactions and music.

We wish to make their experience as much fun as possible.

The 15 week course is a regular rate of $415.00 for the Fall Semester (September 18 - January 22) with sibling discounts. Early Bird rates is $390.00 with sibling discounts.

There is always fun to be had when the kids and their families and friends march in the Steuben Parade, which is very exciting for the kids.

We march in the German American Steuben Parade every September and enjoy the Oktoberfest in Central Park after the Parade.

Native German Boy and Girl