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Established in 1990, the German Language Learning Club is a cooperative of students and native German teachers who started working together to keep alive the heritage and memory  of a demolished, and now lost  Era called Yorkville/Kleindeutschland.  Its German heritage and culture flourished from the 30s through the 60s on the Upper East Side in New York and became a famous corner of the City.  But the developers and real estate moguls arrived in the late 50s, and started tearing down the homes and businesses of this international population comprising Eastern and Middle Europeans,  whose common language of communication was German and, who were subsequently forced to vacate their "village".

The German Language Learning Club is open to anyone who wishes to learn, or improve their German, and enjoy the German heritage and culture.  Currently in its 34th year, the German Language Learning Club offers classes for spring and fall semesters, with the availability of private lessons. We meet Tuesdays for 15 weeks and honor all holidays, so semester dates may  appear to be extended. Except for beginners, upper level students may join during the semester.

Our purpose is to offer a relaxed, pressure-free atmosphere without exams .  Your learning benefit is realized from the degree of interest  you invest in the course.  All adult and children's classes cater to the specific needs of its participants, from toddlers to teens for kids and, to all walks of life and ages for adults.  The 15 week course is created to allow professionals and other individuals to be able to skip a class without fear of losing much participation. Thus if one loses, say a month of classes, he still has 11 left to attend in the semester.

We were never established to make a profit, and are still solely supported by our member students.  The German Language Learning Club is not considered a  clinical classroom, and we strive to supplement other German courses of accredited schools.  Our groups are purposely small so each student can get the full attention of the native and accredited teacher.

We  march every year behind our banner in the  German American von Steuben Parade, and participate in festivals, and other German American Cultural and Social Events, as well as  scheduling our own ethnic related outings.