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Adult Classes

The 28-year-old German Language Learning Club is not a clinical classroom. We strive only to supplement other German courses. Our groups are purposely small so each student can get the full attention of the native and accredited teacher. Our purpose is to offer a relaxed, pressure-free atmosphere without exams. We are not profit oriented, and only wish to keep the memory of the lost Yorkville/Kleindeutschland alive. Your learning benefit is realized from the degree of interest you invest in the course. All classes cater to the specific needs of its participants from toddlers to teens and, to all walks of life and ages for adults. The fall semester runs from September 18 -January 22, including holidays. The spring semester runs from January 29-May 14, including holidays. There are no summer semesters. Classes meet on Tuesdays: All levels Kids meet 4-5 PM, 5-6 PM , 6-7 PM, and adults meet from 6:30-8:30 PM. Fees for kids are $415., but $390 for those who register before Sept. 14, and Jan. 24. Sibling allowances apply. The Adult fee is $500.00 for the 30-hour 15-week semester, but $475. If registered before Sept. 14, and Jan.24. Thus, professionals have plenty classes if some are missed. 

Presently we have only a mixed “Intermediate” Class for adults. In this class one must have a working knowledge of German, but needs to refresh his German via more of an emphasis on grammar, with conversation. A B1 level is the minimum level for the class. But a simple phone conversation will determine if you can join us. You may be better than you think!! As a Club we have cultural and social outings and events, such as marching int the annual September von Steuben Parade, with the Gala the night before, and the Oktoberfest in Central Park afterwards. We have now moved to Immanuel Lutheran Church on 88/87 and Lexington Avenue.